Fauna and Flora

Situated on the summit of the western Soutpansberg, H12 Leshiba is an unspoilt wilderness that forms part of the Western Soutpansberg Conservancy and has been declared a Natural Heritage Site.

With a checklist of over 360 tree species, H12 Leshiba offers excellent opportunities for aspiring botanists. The vegetation ranges from bushveld to magnificent patches of montane forest and several endemic species also occur here. Among the trees recorded are Outeniqua and real yellowwoods, 12 acacia and nine fig species, common wild pear, marula, Transvaal milkplum and Cape chestnut.

Birdlife is prolific and includes Cape vulture, Verreauxs and Crowned eagles, Narina Trogon, Crested guineafowl, and Knysna and Purple-crested Turacos. Yellow-spotted nicator, Blackheaded oriole and Shelley’s francolin have also been recorded. [Download complete Bird List here]

Game includes giraffe, leopard and brown hyena as well as numerous antelope, porcupines and pangolins.